Podcast PhD Launches Jan. 11, 2023!
Dec. 20, 2022

Welcome to Podcast PhD

Welcome to Podcast PhD

Podcasting is quickly becoming a powerhouse for communicating on a mass scale, helping creators across the globe spread messages, education, and entertainment to engaged audiences. But with buzzwords and acronyms flying around–like RSS and metadata and does anyone actually know the difference between a condenser and a dynamic mic?–it can be easy to assume podcasting is out of the question for anyone that isn’t a technical genius. It shouldn’t be.

Hosted by podcast producers Marc Ronick and Larry Roberts, Podcast Ph.D. is the everybody guide to podcasting. Whether you’re looking to launch a new show and need help choosing your software and equipment or you’re five seasons in and want tips to grow your audience, head back to AV school with hosts who are passionate–not pretentious–about growing powerful podcasts. 

By covering the basics, discussing best practices, and sharing expert insights for all levels of creators and editors, Podcast Ph.D. is proving that anyone can be a podcaster. Leave the jargon behind and join the talking heads who have made all the mistakes, learned from experience, and are giving you permission to do the same. It’s time to earn that Ph.D. 

In their natural, laid-back style, Marc and Larry will be covering the topics you want to learn about in a way that is easy to not only understand, but to begin implementing on your own right away: What microphones and cameras should you be buying? How do you piece together a great episode without overediting? How can you grow an audience? How can you monetize and quit your day job? Whatever your questions or your experience level is, this show will teach you how to take the step that’s next in your personal podcasting journey.

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