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Feb. 15, 2023

The Podcasting Secret to Growing Your Audience and Conversions

The Podcasting Secret to Growing Your Audience and Conversions

In our season finale, we’ll talk about the different kinds of actions you might call out, and suggest different ways that you can impart them into your episode.

In our season finale, we discuss the benefits of incorporating a call-to-action (CTA) into your podcast episodes. A CTA is a request to your listeners, asking them to visit your website, rate and review your show, subscribe, email you, etc. We'll explore ways to manage these requests in a way that won't overwhelm your listeners or cause them to tune out or bail on your show altogether.

We'll dive into the different types of actions you can call out and offer suggestions for incorporating them into your episodes. We'll also address the challenges surrounding reviews and ratings, not just for podcast hosts, but for listeners as well. To help solve these issues, we'll suggest a few tools that you may find useful.

Mentioned in this episode:
Robert Chaldini Influence, The Psychology of Persuasion


0:00 - Introduction to the show and the first CTA (leave a review, subscribe, give a rating, go to the website, give email and download a free gift)
0:59 - Discussion on the plural form of "Call to Action"
1:51 - Definition of a CTA
3:00 - Discussion on the effectiveness of CTAs
3:52 - Discussion on the use of multiple CTAs
4:03 - Discussion on the importance of subscribing to the podcast
5:27 - Discussion on "Subscribe, rate and review" as one CTA or three
7:05 - Discussion on sending people to the website and having a specific goal in mind
8:11 - Discussion on the value of ratings and reviews for social proof
10:15 - Difficulty in finding reviews on podcast apps.
10:55 - Difficulty finding place to leave Apple Podcast review
11:19 - Frustration with leaving reviews on desktop app
12:39 - Importance of social proof and ways to increase it
(Short video or blog post on how to leave a review)
Using podpage.com to integrate reviews into website
14:41 - Right time to do the call to action
16:02 - Sprinkling call to action throughout the podcast
17:02 - Teasing last question before doing call to action
18:18 - Strategic application and structure of the CTA
18:52 - Final thoughts and goodbye

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